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Do you have Hip or Knee osteoarthritis?

The GLAD program is a progressive neuromuscular control and strengthening program aimed to improve function, pain and knowledge for those affected by hip and/or knee OA.

Whilst delivering this program we are exposed to many beliefs and misconceptions patients have about how to manage or treat their OA. Let’s discuss fact vs fiction about common beliefs based on the latest available evidence.

o You need surgery to ease your hip or knee pain related to OA

FICTION! Surgery is actually the last line of treatment when helping you address your osteoarthritis, function and pain.

FACT! It is strongly recommended in current evidence that exercise, weight loss, education and lifestyle modifications are addressed prior to heading down the road of surgery.

a. The treatment pyramid. ALL should be offered bottom in green, SOME should be offered FIRST + SECOND in orange and FEW should be offered all three levels from bottom up.

o Exercise will make your pain worse

FICTION! Exercise is actually the first line of treatment for OA. By exercising we are moving and taking weight through the joint which allows you to nourish the joint and the cartilage. FACT! Exercising will help to increase your strength, joint movement, confidence and move better!!

o Exercise will cause further damage to your joints

FICTION! Often the idea of wear and tear on the joint scares people into doing more movement thinking it will cause more damage.

FACT! OA occurs when we experience more degeneration and a lack of regeneration. Further influenced by many other factors including sleep, stress and negative beliefs. To maintain the health of existing cartilage we must load it appropriately to keep it healthy!

o Do you think you cannot change your pain?

FICTION! By participating in the GLAD program, you can achieve everything described above by starting to load your joints in a healthy way that nourishes them with our expert guidance.

FACT! The GLAD program has had significant improvements for pain, function and quality of life for individuals living with OA. Most of all, it provides the skills, education and knowledge to manage the condition long term.

If you are struggling with managing your hip/knee pain and can relate to any of the points above, get in touch with us today! Let us help you get moving with our GLA:D certified physiotherapist, Josie Creighton

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