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After an initial consultation, your physiotherapist will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan and will make suggestions to help prevent your problem from recurring.

Do I need a referral?
You will not require a referral. If you have been given a referral by your doctor please bring this with you to your initial visit.

Workcover or TAC Claims
We treat Workcover and motor vehicle accident injuries covered by the TAC. If you are claiming through Workcover, you will need to have your injury certified by a doctor before you can claim treatment costs for physiotherapy. Please bring your claim number and workplace details to the first appointment. TAC clients should also bring your claim number to the first appointment.  If you require further information about your eligibility to claim for your treatment, please call our friendly receptionists who will be able to assist you.

Can I claim physio on my private health fund?
Depending on your level of cover, you may receive a rebate from your health fund. We can help you access your rebate with our electronic rebate facility when you settle the account.

  • Sporting Injuries
    Our team are highly experienced in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries in both adults and children. We aim to help you return to your best as soon as possible following an injury. We treat injuries such as joint sprains, muscle strains, post knee reconstruction/ arthroscopes, tendon injuries including achilles & patella and overuse injuries including shin splints and stress fractures, to name a few.
  • Neck & Back Pain
    Neck and back pain strikes up to 90% of the population at some point in their lives and as a result these are the most common complaints treated at Golden City Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists have over 100 years of combined experience in the treatment of back and neck pain. They will take a detailed history before assessing posture, movement, strength and tenderness to determine the source of your pain and to develop a treatment regime to help you to recover as quickly as possible. Treatment usually consists of a combination of techniques including: gentle passive mobilisation (movement performed by the physio), stretching, massage, heat, exercise, dry needling and occasionally manipulation. We will also structure an exercise program to help prevent recurrence.
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
    Muscle and joint pain is a common condition we treat at Golden City Physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapists will asses the injury to determine the best plan for treatment, which could include massage, ultrasound, dry needling and/or exercise prescription. We aim to speed up your recovery time, stabilise and support the injury, provide pain relief and reduce injury recurrence.
  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
    Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Osteoarthritis
    Osteoarthritis can be managed effectively with a combination of physiotherapy, exercise, weight loss, and in some cases medication or even surgery. A thorough assessment by our team is vital for treatment. Flareups can be greatly reduced with maintenance physiotherapy appointments and by regularly following an at-home exercise program.
  • Exercise Prescription
    Our goal is to help you be your very best. So whether you’re a professional athlete or just trying to live a pain free life, we will prescribe you a personalised exercise and stretching program to suit your needs. Our team of physio’s follow this same strategy when faced with an injury, enabling them all to lead very active lifestyles.
  • Workplace & Pre-Employment Assessments
    As a company director you would want to know that your prospective employees were fit for purpose before employing them. The physiotherapists at Golden City Physiotherapy have been providing pre-employment assessments for prospective workers to some of Bendigo’s biggest employers for many years. Our assessments consist of a comprehensive evaluation of BMI, posture, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity and lifting technique. We also have the capability to assess basic vision, hearing, blood pressure and can perform drug testing. Our physios are all very aware of the fact that injured workers cost a company money. We know that a speedy return to work performing alternative duties helps in a more rapid return to normal duties. We are experienced in worksite assessment and can advise on suitable return to work programs which can lead to a more rapid recovery of your injured workers. We are always happy to talk to employers about a worker’s progress towards return to work.
  • Dry Needling
    Dry Needling can help to relieve pain by relaxing or releasing the trigger points found deep inside the muscle. This technique can be used in conjunction with physiotherapy to help promote your body’s natural healing response within the muscle itself.
  • Orthotics
    We can advise on the use of foot orthotics and their benefits in helping settle other injuries. We also have “over the counter” foot orthotics available, which may help to determine the benefits of fully custom made orthotics.
  • Strapping
    We are able to teach you protective strapping for any recovering injuries. We can advise on the most appropriate tape to use and we also have tape available for sale.
  • Postural Advice
    Correct posture can be a valuable factor for improving painful conditions and preventing injury. We can advise on correct posture, particularly when setting up a workspace, and we can provide exercises to help maintain correct posture.
  • Aids & Appliances
    We can measure you and advise on the suitability of most aids and appliances. We have a large selection of lumbar rolls, pillows and ankle braces available, and those items not kept in stock can be ordered and will usually arrive within two to three days.
  • Pregnancy related back pain
    Pregnancy changes your center of gravity and without realising it, your posture, which can result in back pain or strain. With joint mobilisation, massage and posture advice your physio can help. Some women also benefit from a supportive back brace that is specially designed for pregnant women. Ask your physiotherapist if a maternity belt would be suitable for you.
  • Repetitive strain related injuries
    RSI or repetitive strain injuries can be treated successfully, particularly when treated in its early stages, so it’s vital that you get treatment early and that you pro-actively manage this condition.
  • Temperomandibular joint (Jaw) problems
    Once a TMJ disorder is diagnosed, your physiotherapist may perform treatment techniques to aid in realigning the TMJ and correcting its movement patterns. Treatment may include, Joint mobilisations, massage to the jaw muscles, exercises to correct movement /strength, treatment of surrounding areas such as the neck which are commonly present with TMJ dysfunction.
  • Talks
    We are happy to talk to sporting groups and clubs on Physiotherapy related topics such as prevention and treatment of sports injuries, low back pain and stretching techniques.
  • Referral
    If we feel you need other treatment other than physiotherapy, we will have no hesitation in referring you to the most suitable person.
  • Pilates
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