We stock a variety of products that our physios may recommend to help your recovery.


Thongs that provide arch support, a heel raise and a tighter fit. Archies are a terrific option for anyone who suffers from plantar fascia pain, achilles tendon pain and many other ankle and lower leg problems. They look just like regular thongs and at only $35 they are a terrific gift idea.


Memory foam pillows with adjustable inserts to allow for complete customisation and the perfect fit for great sleep. Good for people with neck complaints. We stock 2 different density foams to allow for people who require more or less support from the memory foam.


A herbal massage cream containing natural ingredients for relief of muscular aches and pains.


Generic low cost orthotic arch supports that in many cases can provide the required support that you may require without the need for custom made expensive orthotics. We stock a variety of sizes, density’s and fit designs.


Two of the most popular ankle braces on the market to help support ankle ligaments post injury or as a preventative measure. We stock a full complement of sizes.


Used to help provide support and increased proprioception for injured joints, tendons or ligaments. Also used as a preventative measure for many common injuries. We stock a wide variety of different sports tape that can be purchased for personal use.


Golden City Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic also has on hand many other products that may be recommended, including;

- Foam Rollers
- Tennis Elbow Straps
- Thumb braces
- Gel heel pads
- Orthotic heel wedge inserts
- Finger splints

- Trigger point balls/pyramids

- Compression Braces for knee, feet and      ankles
- Wrist braces (including for carpal tunnel    and De Quervains Tenosynovitis)
- Ice and Heat packs
- Stick on Heat patches

- Theraband for strengthening exercises

- Over door pulley systems for Shoulder    range of motion

- Crutches and other walking aids
- Slings
- Tubigrip

- Back pain education books

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